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The Mille luce Subdivision
Mille Luce, a thousand lights in Italian, is located at the soothing heights of Antipolo. This masterwork exudes qualities of what a residential and commercial property should be. Every stride you make will be greeted by wall to wall carpeting of grassland. Shaded by pillars of towering trees. Naturally contoured by dramatic sloping landscape. Engineered with precision.You'll never run out of things to do in this exceptional enclave. Just outside your Italian-inspired home, multipurpose clubhouse and rows of lifestyle shops and diners await. Loads of activities to brighten you up. Moments that last a lifetime. When the night comes, you're on a treat of spectacular light display of the constellation and Metro Manila city lights. And as thousand of lights illuminate where you stand, you'll realize you're on the bright side of life.
The Village in the Greenest Heights of Antipolo

A new and exciting village in the greenest heights of Antipolo arises as Crown Asia launches its newest project in MILLE LUCE.
The name for "a thousand lights" in Italian, Mille Luce offers Italian-inspired homes that answer the demand for affordable luxury homes for hard working young couples and starter families.

A Magical Location

Located right along the major road of M.L. Quezon Ave., Mille Luce's prominent frontage boasts of its private orchard blessed with scores of mango trees and other fruit-bearing varieties.
Mille Luce's dramatic sloping lots are crowned with linear peaks that unfold a 360 degree view of Metro Manila's skyline and the distant shimmering waters of Laguna de Bay, making it your home between the stars and city lights.

The Aesthetic Challenge

Mille Luce answers the demand for affordable luxury homes as it offers single detached homes of lot cuts combined with stylish multiple family dwelling and grand scale homes with cupolas.
Mille Luce offers four (4) clusters, each with distinct aesthetic and sensible beauty:

"Porte Porteze". Named after the famous commercial area in Rome, this area at Mille Luce is a very unique commercial space that residents would surely enjoy due to its shades provided by dozens of old mango trees.
"Pastorale". An enclave for single-detached units situated in the greenest area of the orchard, near the roadside.
"La Scala". A cul-de-sac cluster of multiple family dwelling, La Scala offers homes in a gated community that provides exclusivity and security for the homeowners.
"L'Altra". Another masterpiece cluster of single-detached enclave on the highest point at Mille Luce. Units at L'Altra are terraced while an inner courtyard provides the exclusivity homeowners and their families need.
Mille Luce is truly an irresistible option, a distinct address and surely a homeowner's top pick for its sheer beauty and forested charm.

Model Units:

with 97sqm floor area and minimum lot of 121sqm
Price - 4,899,000.00 (flat terrain)
3 bedroom
2 common T&B
Master's T&B
Maids Quarters
Balcony & Lanai
Provision for carport

144sqm floor area / min. lot area - 132sqm Price - 5,689,000.00 (flat terrain)
3 bedroom
2 common T&B
Master's T&B
Family Area
Maids Quarters
Balcony, Lanai & Porch, Carport

104sqm floor area / min. lot area - 180sqm
Price - php 6,212,000.00 (downhill)
3 bedroom
1 common T&B
Master's Badroom with T&B
and a walk-in Closet
T&B at ground floor
Maids Quarters
Porch & Lanai
1 Car Garage

34sqn floor area / min. lot area - 180sqm
Price - 7,667,000.00 (downhill)
2 bedroom with T&B
Master's Bedroom with T&B
and Walk-in Closet
Maid's Quarters with T&B
Auxiliary Kitchen
1 Car Garage
Payment Scheme:
Reservation fee - php50,000.00
Downpayment - 20% payable in 12 months 0 interest
Balance - 80% financing

Sample computation:
Model unit - Sophia / lot area - 180sqm / floor area - 97sqm
Total Contract Price - 4,899,000.00

Downpayment 20% - 980,000.00
Financing 80% - 3,919, 000.00

Downpayment = 980,000
50,000 - reservation fee
net D.P. = 930,000 payable in 12 months 0 interest
Monthly D.P. = 77,500

Spot Downpayment w/ discount of 10%

Balance 80% = Financng
Bank computation - 15years = 47,034.50
10 years = 56,226.26
5 years = 87,175.99