Meranti At Serendra the Fort
Where passions converge, where you can celebrate life. Urban achievers today no longer just interact for company. Their interactions are imbued with passion, full with the kind of life and conviction that create testaments and shape cultures. Their homes are not just living spaces and venues for gatherings. Their homes are where they live their passions daily, where they culminate to express their passions to the fullest.
As the newest high-rise section of Two Serendra Phase 3, The Meranti will allow its residents to celebrate life through inspired amenities where they can come together in pursuit of activities, goals and ideals and share their passions with their closest significant others. The Living Museum - Amenities for Convergence of Passion The Meranti will provide passionate spaces for gatherings of all kinds from intimate moments with the family to big community gatherings and festivals. The Meranti will extend the value of your unit through its amenities. Aside from your kitchen, you will have the Culinary Studio to entertain more guests and show off your latest recipe. For sports night with the guys or after-office chill-out sessions with work mates, you can invite them over t o the Enterprise Lounge. Make special occasions even more memorable at the Tropical Garden, where you can have life's milestones like weddings and debut parties. All amenities are designed for passionate get-togethers with family and friends.
45-storey - no 4th, 13th, 14th, 24th, 34th, 44th; The Social Zone is built on the concept of culture and passion it will be about encouraging relationships within the community and allowing their passions to converge in a way that will reflect and shape a unique Two Serendra culture.

Culture - The set of shared attitudes, values, and lifestyles that characterizes the social practices of a particulat group.
Expresses in the everyday relationships of people - Dynamically develops through the interations of people. (convergence of shared passions)
Passion- An intense feeling or emotion - Drives ideas, interest and goals- Shared passions drive culture.

The Living Museum(Amenities for Convergence of Passions)
The Meranti Features The Living Museum, amenities that reflect and cultivate the Two Serendra cultre by providing venues that encourage community convergence. The amenities provide a passionate atmosphere - highly thematic and upscale in design, catering to interesting, interactive and diverse activties, from big celebrations to intimate encounters:
Unit Features:
- Complete Kitchen System
- 2 telephone lines per unit for 2 and 3-bedroom units
- 1 telephone line per unit for studio and 1br units.
- Audio guest annunciator
- CATV system
- Provision for multi-point water heating system at shower and lavatory areas
- Provision for aircons units with built-in refrigerant pipes
- Closet for Bedrooms
- Maids area with TB for 3-bedroom units
- Provision for washer / dryer connections
- Individual metering for water, electricity and gas
Buiding Features
- 4 passenger elevators cars and
- 1 service elevator car
- 4 nothes that promotes natural ventilation in residential corridors
- Automatic fire sprinkler system
- Fire alarm and smoke detection system
- Garbage chute
- 100% Back-up generator for common areas
- Allocated emergency load for residential units in case of power outage
- LED lighting for common areas
- Intercom system (audio)
- Paging system for parking areas and corridors
- LPG System: Bonifacio Gas Corporation
- Water supply: Bonifacio Water Corporation Power: MECO
- Ground floor
- Tropical garden
- Living musuem
- Social halls for weddings and events
- Enterprise Lounge
- Culinary Studio
- Discovery Hall
- Observatory-type
- Fitness Club
- Stellar peak, Top-floor lounge
- 3rd to 9th floors - 15 units per floor
- 10th to 40th floors - 18 units per floor41st to 50th floors
- 14 units per floor51st floor, penthouse - 6 units per floor
- Unit Finishing is like Aston and Red Oak