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The Cottonwoods Subdivision
Come Home to Nature

At Cottonwoods, you come home to nature. Century old trees on rolling hills provide the backdrop for American-inspired homes. Birds and butterflies find sanctuary across the property. Stars form a glittering canopy in the cool night sky. It's the perfect place for all creatures, great and small, your family's nesting grounds.

The Nature of Cottonwoods: The Nature of Crown Asia

Cottonwoods is a natural haven perfect for your family. Situated in Antipolo, Cottonwoods provides a beautiful countrified setting and rich heritage.

Innovation. We go beyond the usual. It's all about creating unusual designs with a purpose--- like placing garages at the back to give you an unhampered view. It's cutting edge development; forward thinking that ensures your home today still best answers your needs for the future.

Intelligent space planning. A lot of thought goes into your home at Cottonwoods. Your family is sure to get more functionality out of your living areas. A living room could also be an entertainment area. A kitchen could be a cozy breakfast nook.

Creative corners. A private study for dad. A roomy kitchen for mom. A study areas for the kids. Each family member has a space of their own at Cottonwoods.

Shelter for specific activities. Whether it's your child's play room or your den, Cottonwoods homes have a space designed for your family activities.

Rooms with a view. The homes at Cottonwoods let you enjoy an abundance of natural light and allow a picturesque view of the tree-lined landscape. Windows are bigger than usual and strategically placed around the entire home.

Discover a sanctuary where you can cherish a life well-lived. White picket fences… Flower-laden porches… Tree-lined streets… Rolling hills... Butterflies and fireflies… It is where the elements play in perfect harmony.

Cottonwoods offers a variety of American-country styled homes to choose from.